Dyonic ID

Use Dyonic ID to sign-in to Dyonic´s websites and apps. Welcome great user experience.

Dyonic ID

> Single Sign-in

A solution to many account problems

We also give our users the flexibility to sign-in with social IDs from their trusted external identity providers, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft and many more.


Social Sign-in is simple.

Here’s how you do it with Dyonic ID.

Choosing the Social ID provider

User enters your website or your app and chooses their social identity provider (Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more).

Dyonic gets the access to details

The social identity provider authenticates their identity and gives Dyonic the access to the user account information.

User logs into our sites/apps

After the assessment of the request by the provider, the user is logged in to our website/app.

Features of Dyonic Sign-In

No need for new accounts

Users can link their existing accounts with our applications using Dyonic sign-on feature. No need for new IDs or passwords.

Powered by a big Identity Provider

As we have a big identity provider on our site, we can secure and encrypt your data in a safe place.

Safety from the dangers of account linking

Dyonic deviates from account linking as this method poses a critical security threat to users of our website or app.

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