Access Control - global, granular, lightning-fast

Manage user roles, rights, and permissions with access-control lists.

Example use of Keto authorisation methods inside a UI

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> Global access control

Split-second decision making

Dyonic Keto is a consistent permission and authorization server with an easy and granular permission language, it is completely open source, and blazingly fast - globally. It is based on Google Zanzibar and ships gRPC and REST APIs.

> Your language, our SDK

Keto is polyglot

Dyonic Keto is written in Go and we provide SDKs for every language. It works behind any framework and integrates with any existing data structures and identifiers. Our documentation makes integrating Dyonic Keto a piece of cake.

Keto SDKs for any programming language


Control who can access what in your application. Dyonic Keto serves answers at scale globally with low latency.

Manage and Check Permissions

Determine if an entity (user, service, IoT) is allowed to perform an action using HTTP or gRPC APIs.

Low Latency and Highly Available

Dyonic Keto is based on Zanzibar, which has maintained 95th-percentile latency of less than 10 ms and availability greater than 99.99% over years of production use.

Flexible Permission Management

Dyonic Keto integrates with any existing data structures and identifiers.

Global Access Control

Coming soon: Deploy around the globe and provide a fast response no matter where your users are.

Strong Consistency

Coming soon: Provide a straightforward user experience by serving strong consistent responses using snaptokens.

Dyonic components consider all modern technical aspects and it was a perfect fit for our system. Integration was easy and we are able to customize based on our requirements.

Akibur Rahman

System Architect, Padis GmbH

With Dyonic, I can build custom and secure ID infrastructure and APIs that fit perfectly into my client's ever-evolving cloud environments.

Ken Adler

Identity & Infosec, Thoughtworks

At Factly, we were looking for a lightweight alternative to Keycloak that would meet all our IAM needs across multiple applications. Dyonic, written in Golang was the best option out there which was simple and performant.

Shashi Deshetti

CoFounder, factly

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